Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How Many Pets Can I Print?

We recommend printing just one pet image. Our products have limited space with printing and any extra animals will reduce the quality of the artwork compared to just one.
We only allow one animal art for all items except for the portrait products (maximum of three animals on a single portrait) wherein each additional pet will need to be paid for via an upsell as only one artwork is included with an item.
Printing multiple pets can extend your turnaround time as it takes more time to create, edit and approve compared to just one animal.

How Will I Know If My Photo Will Work?

Before you upload your pet's photo, a pop-up photo guidelines will appear to show what looks like a good photo. When in doubt, please leave notes on the order and indicate any questions or concerns so we can address them when developing the one of a kind artwork!

How Do I Make A Change To My Order?

You can use our Contact us page to reach out to one of our customer service representatives and we can update your order such as shipping address, or include anything missing in your order before we ship them. Typically, we need to have any changes to custom art sent over quickly before we start and complete them, and once you have approved of the art, we can no longer make any changes.

Dark Fur, Dark Animals Affect The Quality of Our Prints

All of our items are printed using DTG (direct to garment printing) so your background color is the base layer for the actual product. Choosing a black background and having a dark grey, black, or brown animal will affect how visible the artwork is. Our suggestion is to leave a note on any order with a darker animal so our staff can make sure we can print your item with accuracy.

Can I Buy The Digital Artwork?

At this time no, we do not sell the digital files of the custom artwork we have, however we do offer discounts for re-ordering different products with the same artwork from a previous order to help reduce cost and allow faster turnarounds. 

Can You Print Humans?

We only print pets at this time.

I Got The Wrong Item. How Can I Get It Fixed?

Oh no! We are terribly sorry about the mistake! Kindly email us so we can send you a new label to re-ship the wrong item back to us, and we can get you the correct order! This rarely happens but when it does, we would be happy to resolve the issue!

What are The Care/Washing Instructions?

Your best bet is to wash items inside out and in cold water. Tumble dry low if you can. The blankets would be hung to dry to get the best results. Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Can You Print Sport Team Logos ?

Due to copyright laws and trademarks owned by the companies, we can't create/print copyrighted or trademarked material on anything we sell. If you submitted a photo of your pet with a visible logo, our team will ask for another to replace it or allow us to redraw the image without the branding. 


How Long Does It Take To Ship An Order?

Since all our products are customized, we need at 2-3 business days to complete your artwork. Production takes about and about a week or two to ship it straight to your door. However our times can vary depending on the demand and our backlogs. We will try our best to keep you informed of these turn around times via email or on the Track Your Order link. 

Why Do Items Ship Separately?

Due to our turn around times and how we produce our orders we sometimes ship items out separate from each other if it means getting them to you faster so you don't wait. We want to get you items as fast as possible. 

What Does "Unfulfilled" Mean?

Unfulfilled is the default status of our order status plug-in. It isn't an accurate reflection of where your order is at. You can always email us to know which stage your order is in currently - it may be still at the artist or in production - we’d be happy to let you know!

My Tracking Link Doesn't Work!

Please email us at and notify us of the issue so we can figure out a solution and contact the shipping company or get the link working.

I Ordered from Outside of Australia and I Have a Custom's Duty Tax. Why?

Countries outside Australia oftentimes require a tax from goods purchased and shipped from overseas. Sadly, we are not able to purchase or pre-pay your duty tax when we print our shipping labels and those fees are different depending on the length of travel and the country of origin. 


What if I Don't Like My Custom Artwork?

Our goal is to make our customers LOVE the item, but if you do have issues please reach out to us as each case is different and a variety of reasons could be affecting how the art is displayed (bad quality photo, bad lighting, missing notes in order to highlight a specific feature).

My Package Was Returned How Do I Get It Re-Shipped?

Usually if a package is returned to us it was because of an invalid address, or mistakes made by the shipping providers we use. You can contact our customer support team and we'll update or confirm a working address to re-ship the item.

Can I Get a Refund on My Custom Artwork?

Due to the nature of the product being 100% custom, we are unable to refund an order that has been processed and shipped. The items are of your animal and we are unable to resell, donate or do anything with an item that is returned.