Tips on Decorating Your Living Room Through Pet Portrait Prints

Tips on Decorating Your Living Room Through Pet Portrait Prints

Pets are always been a huge part of our lives. They are our fur friends that help relieve stress, and cheer us up when we feel down. They make us smile or laugh when we feel sad. They make us feel loved. In short, they help us get through our emotional baggage. As pet owners, we must show and let them feel how much we appreciate and love them too.

There are a lot of ways to do that. But one of the easiest, yet the best way to do that is to incorporate their pet portrait prints in our home decorations. Through this, we are able to relive our beautiful moments with them – to experience the sunshine that they bring, take in the scent of their fur, or remember their silly antics. Moments that we recall when looking through our album or passing the wall art that makes us grin.

However, many have a hard time envisioning where they should start. Where will they place their pet portrait prints in their homes, and the best way to arrange them? If you are one of them, worry no more because we are here to help you. Here are tips in incorporating pet portrait prints into your home decor.


1. Use a Single Pet Wall Art

Hanging a single pet portrait print wall art as the center of attention is a quick and simple approach to making a decoration impactful. Not only does it make a statement right away, but it's also simpler to design than a gallery of mismatched items.

If you want to give your personal artwork a more artistic vibe, selecting a portrait that concentrates on a specific aspect, such as a close-up of a curled tail, or a more environmental image with your dog as a lesser feature in a landscape, will help.


2. Create a Gallery Wall: Mixing and Matching

Your wall gallery will feel more organic if you combine sizes, finishes, black and white with color and even shape for an eclectic look. The "I woke up like this" of wall galleries, to use a cliché The Mix & Match Gallery truly requires a lot of work to put together correctly, just like the no makeup, makeup look.

Start by combining only one element, such as adding a few framed canvases alongside the framed printed portraits. Try mixing up the types of art to add even more challenge levels. For example, framed photography prints, quotes, and paintings on canvas combined with paintings on canvas make a wholly unique curated gallery.


3. Make a Pattern

Cohesion is the easiest approach to transform your wall painting into a true "art" level. Selecting several pictures with the same size, finish, frame or matting will make you appear to be a gallery wall design expert right away.

Using photographs in a repeating pattern with the same matting and frames will give your images a modern art vibe if you enjoy the way coherence looks.

May these tips help you decorate well your living room through pet portrait prints. If you are looking for the best custom pet portrait prints and gifts provider in Australia that produces high-quality pet portrait prints and gifts designed based on your pet's photos, Petsclusiv is your go-to store. Visit our website to learn more. 

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